womens white mink coats cross mink coat and cross arctic fox collar

Cross fox with cross mink coat, such as the Queen’s super-atmosphere, luxurious and extraordinary, Yi will let you stunning the audience!

Recommend high-end customers to enter!

Very high-grade architectural outline, and Ji silver crossbow, black and white, with a shocking visual impact!

This kind of coat is not for everyone to wear, it is full of momentum, but Yi will be very successful when he is well controlled!

Crossbows have been the favorite of big names in recent years.

It is a rare rare otter, and the price is much more expensive than the Yi-like otter!

The entire coat is made entirely of leather, and the fluffy Finnish cross fox echoes the flat silver cross.

Forming a architectural outline, interpreting the visual and artistic beauty of high-Ji fur garments, it is majestic!

If you are worried about leaving a heavy impression,

Then you may wish to refer to the T-model, attach the belt, and immediately get a slim waist.

It not only explains the graceful atmosphere of fur, but also has a good posture!

Stunning, beautiful, the upper body instantly reflects your luxury and extraordinary

Such a beautiful dress,

Bring it to any high-end occasion, far more than any Yi jewelry can show your identity!